At Petersons we have a strong heritage in Motorsport. Eddie Peterson has been competing in array of disciplines for nearly 20 years including Autotesting, Rallycross, Rallying, Multi Venue Autotests and Circuit Racing. Eddies most notable achievements have been his 6 Irish Autotest Championships, his Northern Ireland Autotest championship and his many International Team victories. Currently Eddie is competing in stage rallying driving and class 11F Honda Civic as well as competing in selected Lanes Rallies driving a Toyota Starlet. We have included some pictures of the cars below to give our customers an idea of what we get up to on the weekends. We believe that this love for all things Motorsport has a knock on effect to our business and enables us to provide a better insight to our customers as well as establishing a large connection of business partners throughout the country.

Eddie is also a proud member of the TDC ( Trials Driver Club ) and has served 2 yrs as the clubs President. With over 300 members this particular role required a wide range of organisational skills to run and organise competitive events and social events. Other skills included PR and Marketing, Club Finance Management as well as dealing with other clubs throughout the country and with the Governing body of Motorsport in Ireland (Motorsport Ireland) and Europe ( The FIA ).